Page updated: 19 Nov 2012

Adults Speech and Language Therapy


 The Swindon Speech and Language Therapy service is provided by SEQOL.


The Speech and Language Therapy Service works with people who have acquired difficulties in communicating and / or swallowing. This can be for a number of reasons including stroke, head injury, head and neck cancer, voice disorders, dementia and long term neurological conditions.


Referrals by letter, fax or phone call are all accepted and are usually made by GPs, Consultants and other health professionals, but self-referrals can also be accepted in some cases.



Speech and Language Therapy Department
The Great Western Hospital
Marlborough Road

Tel.: (01793) 605101
Fax: (01793) 605039


For more information on this service, please visit the SEQOL Speech and Language Therapy website

Swindon CCG, Floor five, David Murray John Building, Brunel Centre, Swindon, SN1 1LH Tel: 01793 444614 or 01793 444655