Page updated: 19 Oct 2011

Your drinking choices


It can be easy to lose track of how much alcohol you drink.  Regularly drinking more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day if you re a man or 2-3 units a day if you are a woman, increases the risk of long-term harm, such as stroke, heart disease, mouth cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer.   Alcohol can also affect your sex life, read the information on the Change4Life website.

There can also be a lot of calories in alcoholic drinks that may contain no additional nutritional benefits such as vitamins and minerals. This means that unless you're also taking plenty of exercise, you can put on weight.

Know your limit and stay safe - use the drinks calculator to quickly calculate units in your favourite drink.

Drink driving and the law

You may think you're in control but any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely.  The effects of alcohol on your driving can include:

  • Slower reactions
  • Reduced field of vision
  • Poorer judgement of speed and distance
  • Overconfidence and increased risk taking, increasing the danger to all road users including yourself.

Good reasons to drink less:

  • Saving money
  • Feel happier and less likely to have arguments
  • More energy
  • Memory will be improved
  • Less likely to develop serious health problems
  • Help you lose weight

Set some goals

  • Pick a day to start cutting down
  • Alcohol free days
  • Maximum spend per week on alcohol
  • Take up a new hobby to improve your self esteem

Ways to cope

  • Drink a glass of water in between alcohol
  • Avoid buying rounds
  • Switch to low alcohol drinks
  • Eat a meal before drinking
  • Practise how to say no to alcohol

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