Page updated: 13 Jan 2011
A forest in spring

Active Swindon

Active Swindon is working towards the national target of getting 50 percent of the population physically active by 2020. The programmes are targeted at minority groups and vulnerable population, as well as employees, with the aim of encouraging them to participate in physical activities on a long-term basis to improve health. The project covers Swindon, Shrivenham and parts of North Wiltshire.

New projects that have been started include the Community Cycling Champion project. This four year scheme will be led by the Cycling Touring Club (CTC) and hosted by the Great Western Community Forest. The aim of the project is to promote cycling to the less physically active.

The Great Western Community Forest will be rolling out the new Woodland Games project over three years. This aims to improve the health and well-being of residents within the Community Forest through targeted programmes of forest sports and games. Other projects are outlined below.

Adult having a rest
Up ´n´cycling

Following the success of our healthy ageing up 'n' walking programme, we are launching a brand new course for the more mature adult and for those who might never have learnt to ride a bike but always wanted to!  This will be a series of six week beginner cycling courses held on the athletics track at the County Ground.  The courses will be led by a fully qualified cycling instructor and the aim is to help build up people's confidence and ability to ride a bike safely. The initiative will also offer a fun activity and a chance to get out and meet new people!

For more details about both Up ‘n’ cycling, please contact Carole Jones: 01793 514401.

Walking for Health in Swindon

Swindon Health Walks are shortgroup walks, lasting 40 -60 minutes with socialising and light refreshments at the end.  The walks are guided by trained volunteers and are part of a nationally accredited scheme,aimed at improving health and encouraging enjoyment of local parks and green spaces.  The overall walking pace will be brisk and steady so the walks are beneficial for health, but they should not make walkers too breathless (walkers should still be able to hold a conversation).

For more information visit or contact Cheryl Heyne, Swindon Health Walks Co-ordinator on 07856 609379 or by e-mail:

Diet busters

Diet busters are a weight management programme which offers advice, support and activity tailored to individual needs.  For more details contact Carole Jones: 01793 514401.

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