Page updated: 25 May 2010

Speech and language therapy

Speech therapy Our speech and language therapists can offer the following:

training assessment, advice and support for people with learning disabilities and their carers, in areas such as communication, eating and drinking problems and hearing difficulties. 

The main areas of support are:

Clients who are having difficulties expressing themselves and understanding information being given to them or have shown a change in their communication skills.  We also offer training for staff and carers to develop their communication skills, in areas such and signing.

Eating and drinking

Clients with long or short term difficulties biting, chewing and swallowing food, or who cough, splutter or choke on food, or have related health problems, such as chest infections, may benefit greatly from the support we offer.  We also offer training in this area for staff and carers to develop these skills to improve their mealtime experience for the clients involved.

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