Page updated: 21 Mar 2011

Falls prevention service

Adults walking

A fall can be a frightening and dangerous experience.  Yet falls can be prevented through improving mobility and physical resilience through exercise and making sure your home safety is reviewed.

People under 65 who fall tend to do so because of environmental hazards whereas older people tend to fall because of a combination of reasons.

As we get older our vision, hearing, balance, strength and co-ordination can all deteriorate and although one of these on their own may cause no problem, if several occur together the risk of falling increases.  Also bone strength decreases resulting in the increased risk of breaking a bone for example, hip or wrist, as a result of a trip, slip or fall.

This can be reversed through increased activity – by building up muscle strength, balance and co-ordination. It is therefore important to continue activities such as walking and gardening.

Masters 50+ exercise programme is aimed at the older age group.  The emphasis is on having fun and making new friends.

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