Page updated: 07 Jan 2013

Smoking during Pregnancy

Deputy Director of Public Health, Cherry Jones said:

“NHS Swindon is committed to working with its community partners and local people to continue the downward trend in the number of women who are smoking during pregnancy. 

Success in this area is critical to the health of the local population and the health of future generations.

We are confident that moving forward we have the right services in place in Swindon to provide excellent stop smoking advice and support to pregnant women.

Swindon has a dedicated and fully qualified smoking in pregnancy coordinator who works closely with midwives and local people to support pregnant women to quit. The coordinator is also happy to visit pregnant women in their own homes.

All pregnant women are offered information and signposted to stop smoking services if necessary. Nicotine replacement therapy is also available.

As well as monitoring service improvements, we are also passionate about raising awareness and encouraging more pregnant women in to the stop smoking service to offer them help to quit. We are re-doubling our efforts in this area through marketing and would also like to use this opportunity to promote local support.”


Pregnant women who would like support to quit smoking can contact: Swindon Stop Smoking Service on 0800 3892229.

Swindon CCG, Floor five, David Murray John Building, Brunel Centre, Swindon, SN1 1LH Tel: 01793 444614 or 01793 444655