Page updated: 11 Jun 2012

Don’t quit your stop smoking resolution

Smokers in Swindon are being urged to get NHS support to keep on target for a smokefree free 2012.

New figures reveal that an estimated 35,699 people in the South West quit smoking in 2011 with the help of the NHS Stop Smoking Service. People are 4 times more likely to
quit smoking with NHS support.

In Swindon, around 16 per cent of the population smoke however there is dedicated support from the Swindon NHS Stop Smoking service which can help people successfully

NHS Swindon stop smoking lead, Cherry Jones said: "Many people say they want to give up smoking in the New Year but really struggle when
they go it alone so start smoking again in January. If you want to have a healthier 2011 and ditch smoking for good, then please contact the Swindon NHS Stop Smoking Service
which offers free local support that really works and patches and gum on prescription".

"There is a range of support available including advice on how to manage your cravings so you can successfully have a smoke free New Year".

"There are many benefits to stopping smoking, including a healthier lifestyle and more money in your pocket. You will also not be passing on secondhand smoke to children,
friends and family members".

The Swindon NHS Stop Smoking Service has a network of advisers across Swindon who run free advice sessions and can offer practical support and guidance on the best methods
for each individual to quit smoking in over 60 locations.

Contact the Swindon NHS Stop Smoking Service on 0800 389 2229 (Freephone number) or text 07827 954094.

Swindon CCG, Floor five, David Murray John Building, Brunel Centre, Swindon, SN1 1LH Tel: 01793 444614 or 01793 444655