Page updated: 13 Jan 2011

What we spend and how we spend it

Our financial plans show what we spend and how we spend it, which supports ‘Delivering Excellence for Swindon’ and have been drawn up to include scenario and contingency planning. 

Our financial plans support the delivery of the Annual Operating plan 2010-11. 

The policies and procedures which govern our financial transactions are set out in the standing financial instructions and scheme of delegation and other policies and procedures. 

  • View the financial instructions.
    The capital plan was reviewed and agreed by the board.  Capital monies ensure buildings and equipment are well maintained and used to support the development of innovative technologies that assist us to deliver our strategic priorities. 

Annual statement of accounts

The annual report is issued annually.  It typically contains a summary of the annual accounts, performance, events and achievements during the year and outlines future prospects.  It also states who is on the Board and what they are responsible for.  The report is produced in brochure format for ease of distribution to general practitioner practices, libraries and other public places. 

Note:  These reports are large in size and therefore will take some time to download.

Budgets and variance reports (integrated performance reports)

Budgets for 2009/2010 are set in the board-approved annual investment plan. 

High level update reports (variance reports) are included in board papers on a monthly basis in the finance element of the integrated performance report.  

Supplier Payments over £25,000

In response to the Government’s drive to improve the transparency of how public funds are used and the request that all Government bodies publish details of payments to external suppliers, NHS Swindon is publishing the following information.

Suppliers payments over £25,000 for the financial year 2010/11 and onwards - dataset  is based on a list of all individual transactions over £25,000 under the following column headings.

• Department
• Entity
• Date (Payment Date)
• Expense Type
• Expense Area
• Supplier
• Invoice Number
• Amount

The dataset is extracted from payment transactions entered directly into the Trusts Corporate Purchasing and Financial Information System (Infor - SmartStream).   Data is published in .csv format to allow users to view and manipulate data as required. 

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